Thank you for helping me through the college admissions process! You provided great expertise and allowed me to gain acceptance into many world-class universities. Because of your help, I will be attending my dream college in the fall!

Sarah T.
Harvard University

Dr. Brian Haig is one of the best college advisors and mentors to help your son or daughter navigate the overwhelming world of college applications. Our son was a transfer student coming from a local community college. Dr. Haig’s knowledge, insights, helpfulness and support proved to be very valuable for our son’s success in getting into a four year college. Our son was accepted to many of the colleges that he applied to while working with Dr. Haig. We will be forever grateful his help, support and friendship. I highly recommend Dr. Haig.

Jacqueline H.
Loyola Marymount University

After having a bad experience with a previous college planner, I worked with Dr. Brian Haig and I have had nothing but the best experience. I went in knowing nothing about the college admissions process and Dr. Haig was there to guide me every step of the way. He is very knowledgeable and experienced and has the credentials to back his claims. I was able to learn how a college admissions officer thinks and how to write a good college essay which I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t end up working with Dr. Haig. I also appreciate his characteristic qualities as he is very compassionate and can be seen as a friend. He doesn’t treat you like a dollar sign like other college planners do. I am overall satisfied with Dr. Haig and would recommend him to anyone.

Ryan A.
Northeastern University, Scholarship

Dr. Haig is more than advisor, he becomes your best friend from the very first call. I remember coming in with little to no experience in the healthcare field but hungry to succeed in all aspects. Heeding to all and every advice by Dr. Haig, I was able to successfully launch my first research organization and work with numerous government organizations. He also motivated me to take higher and more leadership positions which had also immensely benefitted me. Dr. Haig is EXTREMELY qualified beyond belief in this profession and I credit my success and path to him. He’s redefined how to become successful in such a way where I can truly enjoy the process. I hope to come back to Dr. Haig when it comes time to apply for medical school

Talha K.
UCLA, Scholarship

Dr. Brian Haig is not only a wonderful person but also a great mentor when it comes to college admissions. With his guidance, I was offered an early acceptance to my dream school UC Berkeley!

Burak B.
UC Berkeley, Scholarship

When we first came to Dr. Haig, we were so lost as parents. We had no idea on how to navigate the waters to assist our son in successfully applying and getting accepted into a good college. His advice and guidance, from class/subject selections in high school and during the summer to building his resume and countless hours in essay writing was priceless. He guided our son every step of the way, from college selection to staying on top of all the deadlines.

With his help, our son got accepted to eight of the thirteen universities he applied to and will be attending UC Santa Barbara to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering this fall. By a mile, best money we ever spent and worth every penny. Thank you very much Dr. Haig. We could not have done this without your help.

Arvin S., Parent
UCSB, Scholarship

Starting with Dr. Haig in sophomore year, I have had everything an excellent experience could entail. The college admissions process is like walking into the woods blindfolded, and yet Dr. Haig was my reliable guide the entire way
through. I learned how to write great college essays and strengthen myself to be an appealing applicant.

I also admire Dr. Haig’s character. He is very patient and eager to help. Even if our meeting extends beyond the scheduled time, he never pressures me to hurry it up. Anytime I have a question, Dr. Haig has a quick and accurate response.

Thanks to Dr. Haig’s guidance, I was accepted to UCLA and UC Berkeley. For anyone looking for guidance towards their future, I highly recommend Dr. Haig.

Leon Z.
UCLA, Scholarship

I had a wonderful experience working with Dr. Brian Haig this past year! His knowledge and experience are immensely helpful throughout the college admissions process. His strategies are personalized to each student’s goals in order to best support them. Through his help I was able to get into one of my dream schools. I highly recommend Strategic College Consulting to any student!

Zoey C.
UC Berkeley