How Are We Different?

With over 20 years in college planning, admissions, and student success, our team combines more than 40 years of expertise. Our credentials come from esteemed institutions like Harvard, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and USC.

We specialize in a wide range of areas, including college consulting, admissions, test preparation, learning strategies, and career planning. Our experience spans public, private, and international sectors, and we have a history of working with diverse student populations, including those with developmental and special needs such as ADD, anxiety, stress, and depression.

Year after year, we consistently help students gain admission to top-tier colleges, from prestigious private and public universities on both coasts to renowned international institutions. Our students have been accepted into every Ivy League school as well as various exceptional liberal arts colleges. We support students with interests in fields like medicine, law, engineering, business, and the arts.

Expert college planning, admissions, and student success services with personalized care, prestigious university credentials, proven track record of top college admissions, and comprehensive resources including educational blog, award-winning book, podcast, and workshops.

We provide highly personalized care and attention, crafting custom-tailored game plans to meet each student’s unique needs and interests, ensuring their success in college planning and admissions. By working with a small, select group of students each year, we deliver thoughtful, strategic, and results-oriented guidance.

Beyond our role as college consultants, we offer a comprehensive suite of resources, including an educational blog, a multi-award-winning educational book, a podcast, and a regular college consulting newsletter tailored to students’ grade levels and educational stages. Our online programs, bootcamps, and workshops cover essays, interviews, scholarships, and college preparation, equipping students with essential tools, strategies, and resources to achieve their highest potential.

We meet weekly to review client files and devise cohesive, comprehensive strategies to support students in their educational and admissions goals. We simplify the college admissions process by highlighting what matters most and tailoring our advice to each student’s specific needs, abilities, and aspirations. Our approach cuts through the overwhelming information to provide clarity and maximum impact in developing effective game plans for college admissions.

Additionally, we assist families in maximizing scholarship opportunities to offset college costs. Our efforts have saved families hundreds of thousands of dollars annually through partial, half/full-ride merit scholarships, chancellor and president’s scholarships, and funding from profit and non-profit organizations.