The Ultimate College Planning Blueprint that reveals…

1. The TOP FIVE FACTORS college admission officers look for in a success college applicant.
2. A road map for college admissions success!
3. A list of powerful resources that will help you get more clarity on the comprehensive college admissions process.

Navigating College Admissions: A Proactive Approach

Embark on a successful journey in college planning with our expertly crafted Ultimate College Planning Blueprint, designed to help students and parents navigate the journey to universities like UCLA, Stanford, Harvard, and NYU. Understanding the college admissions process is crucial, as it involves more than good grades and extracurriculars. With over 25 years of experience in college admissions planning, we have helped thousands of students achieve their college dreams. Our guide provides practical advice for both students and parents, emphasizing the importance of being proactive in college planning. Let’s work together to make your college aspirations a reality.

Top Five Factors College Planning

Inside we teach you the TOP FIVE FACTORS that college admission officers look for in a successful college applicant.

This blueprint will give you the clarity and understanding you need to give your child a competitive edge, and successfully build a roadmap for college admission success.


Learn what matters most when it comes to college admissions success!

The college admission landscape has changed…


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Download our guide which will help you navigate the confusing college admissions landscape!

Thank you for all your help! We really appreciate it. You showed a sincere interest in helping our daughter through the college planning and application process. You were fantastic and the results were more than we could have ever imagined. Thank you!

Lyana Gordon, Parent, Full Scholarship, Stanford University

Thank you again for all of the guidance and words of wisdom that contributed to me attending the university of my dreams in the fall.

Bristol Coon, UCLA

You were a pillar of support for me during the college application process! The encouragement kept me self-confident and focused, while the advice greatly enhanced my essays, interview skills, and knowledge about the admissions process. The advice and expertise helped me get into my dream school.

Natasha Nguyen, Scholarship Medical School Direct Program, Brown University

I am very satisfied with how things turned out, considering how competitive this year was. Thank you for all your help in this crazy college application process. I would not have gotten through this without your guidance and help.

Brian Kim, Scholarship, University of Notre Dame


Dr. Jeffrey Haig

Dr. Jeffrey Haig

Dr. Jeffrey Haig completed his BA from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). As an application reader for the UCLA Scholarship Admissions Committee for 15+ years, he oversaw the Orange County regional area. He is a national education expert and has been featured in many of America’s top newspapers, magazines, and television news stations including CBS and KCAL News, New York Times , Wall Street Journal , Boston Herald , McGraw Hill , Huffington Post , and many others.

His award-winning book “Unlock Your Educational Potential,” has been greatly received in the United States and internationally, and has helped students live up to their fullest potential. The book has been endorsed by school principals, college professors, superintendents, Olympic gold medalists, parents, students, mayors, and teachers.

Dr. Haig is also a college professor and teaches business and student success courses on topics which include learning strategies, career development, communication, writing, resume development, marketing, and interviewing.

He received his college counseling education from the Harvard Institute on College Admissions at Harvard University, the UCLA College Counseling program, and the Summer Institute from the Independent Educational Consultants Association.

Dr. Brian Haig

Dr. Brian Haig

Dr. Brian Haig graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, graduating at the top of his class. He then chose to complete his doctorate studies at the world-renowned UCLA.

Dr. Haig received his college counseling education at the UCLA College Counseling Program where he was honored as one of the best students in the program. Additionally, he is a Certified High Performance Coach and has trained in high performance strategies under Growth, the world’s leading high performance coaching authority.

Dr. Haig co-authored the 20-time international award-winning book, “Unlock Your Educational Potential”, which won some of the most prestigious book awards in the country including Disney’s iParenting Media Award, Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, the National Parenting Center of Approval Award, Family Review, USA Book News and many others.

He has developed courses, programs, and workshops that have helped students get into the college of their choice, and succeed to their fullest potential.

Aside from being a college planning and admissions expert at Strategic College Consulting, Certified High Performance Coach, and 20-time international award-winning educational author, Dr. Haig enjoys spending time with his wife and two young boys, and is an avid health and fitness enthusiast.

The Ultimate College Planning Blueprint

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