Summer College Planning Updates — Exciting News!

Summer break chalkboard with written textWe hope you are having a great summer! In our last blog article, we gave you a lot of insight and strategies for how to enjoy your summer while also strengthening your college admissions profile.

As we mentioned, being the best college applicant possible is all about having an effective and cohesive game plan, and also understanding what college admission officers look for in a successful applicant. Using the flexibility of the summer months is a great way to develop your passions and interests while also giving back to your community.

And that’s what many of our students have done. They have made a positive difference at both the local and international level. We’re excited to give you some great updates!

Many students have stayed local and found meaningful ways to serve and contribute in their community. They have volunteered their time at places like the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club and mentored and tutored children.

Other students have gone abroad and helped build houses and provided relief efforts in countries including Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Kenya.

Additionally, students have further developed their academic interests by taking classes at the local college while others have enrolled in prestigious summer programs at places like Stanford and Harvard.

Lastly, many students are working on their final projects for national organizations including Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. They are diligently working on their coveted Gold and Eagle awards.

There are almost limitless ways you can have fun this summer while also strengthening your college admissions profile. The opportunities are virtually everywhere! All it takes is a little motivation, interest, and desire to want to enrich yourself and give back to your community.

We have a few weeks left until summer ends. There is still a lot of time left to find fun and creative ways to make your summer a unique, memorable, and enriching experience. You’ve just got to take that next step and make it happen!

We want to help you prepare for next year’s school year that is coming up soon! We will be releasing a free 3-part college planning video series that will give you valuable insights and strategies to help you in your college admissions game plan.

Watch your inbox the next few weeks for our free college planning video series that will help you begin your school year on the right track and give you important strategies for getting into the college of your choice!

In Success & Achievement,

Dr. Jeff & Dr. Brian Haig